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Mitutoyo euro-c-a544 Measuring machine

Mitutoyo Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

Protocon invested in a Mitutoyo Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Model Euro-Apex C544 in June 2001. The machine is fully equipped for CNC Operation. Measuring Range X axis 500mm Y Axis 400mm Z Axis 400mm Resolution 0.0005mm

Machine Features

Features The machine includes a fully CNC probe changer and a motorised Indexing Probe Head System. The Temperature Compensation unit makes allowance for fluctuations in temperature automatically. Anticipated future upgrade to include handling of electronic data (solid models).

Additional Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

Our additional Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is now installed and commissioned;
The new CMM is situated alongside our current machine in a brand new temperature controlled inspection facility in the new premises. The existing machine has been upgraded so that they are both compatible and work / programs can be interchanged between the two. Like the existing unit the new machine has full CNC capabilities and automatic probe changing which enables most features to be checked in one setting.

Co-ordinate Measuring Machine Co-ordinate Measuring Machine Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

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