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Quality Policy

It is the objective of Protocon Engineering Limited to provide the highest quality of service to its customers.

To monitor this objective, the company sets a series of measurable Quality Objectives. Our regular management meetings provide the forum to review, update and develop these objectives.

To attain the objective of our Quality Policy the company has implemented a formal and documented Quality System to meet the requirements of SAE AS9100, and BS EN ISO 9001:2000 the international standards for the management of quality. It is the aim of the company to further develop the Quality System and production process through a program of continuous improvement.

All Company staff are required to be familiar with the policy and to follow all quality procedures relevant to their work. The Company and its management are fully committed to this policy and to the Quality System, which will be subject to annual management review to ensure ongoing relevance and currency.


All inspection equipment is maintained and calibrated to NAMAS standards. We can supply First Article Inspection Reports and SPC data where required


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