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Machining Centres

Fanuc RoboDril D21 MiA5

robo drill

The Fanuc RoboDril D21 MiA5 is a high power machining centre, which complements the existing 5 Robodrills in the machine shop.

The slightly larger footprint of this D21 means it is better suited in our adjoining factory workspace, alongside our other HAAS Vertical machining centres.

The new machine boasts an impressive 24,000 rpm High Speed Spindle, and 21 tool storage carousel, ideally suited for the variety of parts machined for the Medical Industry and for the civil and military Aerospace sectors.

Both machines have DNC Links to our Gibbs-Cam, allows off-line programming for both 2D CAD drawing files, and full solid models.

Cut paths can be directly inputted to all our CNC machine centres though our dedicated post processors and DNC links.

Fanuc Robodrill Alpha T21iD (2 off)

21 tool station machines with 20,000rpm, Renishaw probing and Renishaw Laser Tool Detection.

Fanuc Robodrill Alpha T21iF (2 off)

21 tool station machines with 24,000rpm, Renishaw probing and Renishaw Laser Tool Detection.

Haas VF-2SS

A 24 tool station machine with a direct drive in-line spindle giving 12,000rpm. Fitted with Renishaw probing the machine has a table size of 762 x 406 x 508mm

Haas VF-2SS

Haas CNC Rotary Indexers

Fully programmable these indexers use 5C and 16C collets.

HAAS VF-2SS Vertical Machining Centre

Super-Speed Vertical Machining Center; 30" x 16" x 20" (762 x 406 x 508 mm), 40 taper, 30 hp (22.4 kW) vector drive, 12,000 rpm, inline direct-drive, high-speed 24+1 side-mount tool changer, 1400 ipm (35.6 m/min) rapids, 1 MB program memory, 15" color LCD monitor, USB port, memory lock keyswitch, rigid tapping and 55-gallon (208 liter) flood coolant system.

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